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Welcome To Bay Street Tech

Bay Street Tech is a Canadian technology company that has developed a next generation trade surveillance and business intelligence technology for the capital markets.

The Bay Street trade surveillance and business intelligence solution is a window into your data. Deployed as a modern web application, with options for the cloud, hosted or on site deployment, a full case management solution and containing some of the most advanced compliance analytics across the spectrum of financial instruments.

The management team has 50+ years experience of delivering trade surveillance and software services into the capital markets. Their solutions have been deployed at international stock exchanges, buy side and sell side institutions and across a range of asset classes.


Bay Street Tech provides next generation trade surveillance and business intelligence solutions to the capital markets leveraging advances in hardware, operating systems and software.

The areas of expertise that Bay Street Tech has for trade surveillance include Equities and Derivatives, Energy and Commodities, Fixed Income Trading and Foreign Exchange. The Asset Class Focus For Trade Surveillance covers these in more detail. The analytics include methods for the analysis of both structured trade data and unstructured data generated from sources such as electronic communications, news and voice transcripts.

Asset Class Focus for Trade Surveillance

Equities and Derivatives

Bay Street surveillance has a complete suite of alerts and functionality that are specifically focused on equities and derivatives markets. For example, the ability to analyse and plot data taken from multiple markets simultaneously in order to spot cross market manipulation. Bay Street also has the ability to run correlation analysis to find related products, linking underlying securities back to their derivative product for cross asset class surveillance.

Energy and Commodities

Bay Street surveillance includes Energy and Commodities markets specific functionality that is based on both the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). Examples of the specific functionality developed for the energy markets includes position monitoring, cross-market and cross product alerting rules and rules for product nuances.

Fixed Income Trading

Bay Street surveillance has fixed income trading functionality built into it. This includes the ability to alert on and visualise the RFQ protocol. The regulator has not provided technical guidelines for the types of scenarios that are possible through these market types. Bay Street has, through workshops with market places, the interrogation of public data sources and in house expertise, designed an entirely new standard of analytics for these market types.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Bay Street surveillance has foreign exchange trading functionality that includes support for Request For Quotes (RFQ), Spot, Futures, Options and Strategies and FX related market nuances (e.g. pre-hedging versus front-running, abuse of last look).

Industry Veteran Michael Grecoff Leaves Cinnober To Found Start-Up Bay Street Technologies

Michael Grecoff, Head of Americas and International Sales at Cinnober Financial Technology has left Cinnober to fully focus as co-founder and CEO of Bay Street Technologies.


The Technology We Use


Bay Street Tech has taken on the ambitious challenge to build a single page web application that has the power of a native application. To achieve this, Bay Street has leveraged a web framework built by their CTO, which makes use of a new programming language delivered by google for web development including advances in HTML 5 and JavaScript.

C / C++

All server side processes have been built in C and C++. Chosen as the fastest languages to process large data sets, Bay Street also makes use of GPU programming to deliver a trade surveillance and business intelligence solution with performance far in advance of any competitive alternative.


The Bay Street solution provides users with the option to write custom analytics and alerts in python, SQL and C++. Bay Street has created an in browser development kit to achieve this and utilizes Python libraries including Pandas for rolling time window analytics and Tensor Flow for artificial intelligence.


Amazon Web Services offers secure cloud computing technology web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications.


All data is encrypted that is passed over the network with SSL via HTTPS and Secure WebSockets and data stored on disk is encrypted with AES 256 encryption. Custom security solutions including IP permissioning, leased lines, and much more can also be deployed on the client’s request.

Home Grown

Bay Street has built a number of proprietary components of their solution including a backtest engine that runs at approximately 2 million transactions per second, an in memory database and a graphics engine for fast and flexible big data visualization.

Management Team

The Bay Street management team has a combined 50+ years of delivering trade surveillance and software services into the capital markets. The management team has deployed solutions at international stock exchanges, at large buy side and sell side institutions and across a range of asset classes.

Michael Grecoff

Chief Executive Officer

James Virgo

Head of Product

Samuel Virgo

Chief Technology Officer