Our Team

Our enthusiastic and passionate leaders are dedicated to making Bay Street Tech a great place to work.They are passionate about the product and how it is used by the clients. They are also supported by a great advisory board and board of directors.

Michael Grecoff

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Grecoff is a co-founder and CEO of Bay Street. His career in financial markets spans over 23 years starting as a futures trader. Michael transitioned to compliance and regulation, he headed the surveillance and audit team for the TSX Venture exchange (RS) in Canada and has lead the surveillance team at the Quebec Financial Services Authority (AMF). More recently Michael headed SMARTS Broker sales and service for the Asia region for NASDAQ OMX and Scila system sales for Cinnober Financial Technology. Michael was responsible for the sale of a surveillance system to New York Stock Exchange allowing for the repatriation of surveillance from FINRA.

Samuel Virgo

Chief Technology Officer

Samuel Virgo is a co-founder of Bay Street and is responsible for the web development at Bay Street. Samuel graduated from University College London in 2013. During his time at university, Samuel embarked on his first business which was to build and commercialise a framework for web development. Since then Samuel has held various positions within financial institutions including time spent at Hargreaves Lansdown and Bloomberg. Over the past three years, Samuel has built a brand new web development framework in Google Dart, a new programming language by Google, which he has used to create the Bay Street single page application.

James Virgo

Director & Chief Product Officer

James Virgo is a co-founder of Bay Street and is responsible for the product design and development. James started his career in software and finance, working in fund management for Rathbone Investment Management. With a strong interest in capital market microstructure, James then moved into the trade surveillance where he developed and delivered software applications for trade surveillance monitoring for large tier 1 banks, global multilateral fixed income trading facilities, derivatives market makers and energy firms. James has a background in development and mathematics, graduating from York University with a masters in mathematics and financial mathematics. James has experience building analytics for trade surveillance in both C++ and Python.